This public notice is to announce ProYouth’s intent to apply for funding from the California Department of Education for:


21st Century Community Learning Centers Program

Cohort 10


For Programs Proposing to Serve Elementary Students

Title 20 United States Code sections 7171–7176 and

California Education Code sections 8484.7–8484.9

The funding request, if granted, will provide afterschool, before school, and summer programs for children at the following schools in Tulare County:

Annie R. Mitchell




Elbow Creek


Four Creeks

Golden Oak





Manuel F. Hernandez

Mineral King

Mountain View


Royal Oaks

Veva Blunt


Willow Glen

More information may be found at the California Department of Education’s website at

or by contacting ProYouth at (559) 374-2030

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  • Cara Camarena

    says on:
    January 9, 2017 at 7:39 am

    As a community service provider I would like to offer my support in your efforts to receive proper funding to foster the growth and continuous improvement of Pro-Youth HEART afterschool programs. Pro-Youth has contributed to our communities disabled adults population by provide work training sites, your organization has also personally impacted my families quality of life in a positive an supportive manner. Pro-Youth supports economic growth for both singe parent households and co-parent house holds. Please contact me (see info below). I would like to submit a statement of support and/or my declaration of support which will include informative, educational and vital facts that I hope will increase your success in receiving financial funding. Thank you.

    Cara Camarena
    Able Industries Inc,
    Rehabilitation Supervisor
    (559) 972-0361 cell
    (559)651-8150 ext. 130

  • La Shonda Biggs

    says on:
    February 13, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    ProYouth and the HEART program has made a personal impact on my family. I was hesitant to place my child in the HEART program fearing he would struggle due to behavioral issues. I am ecstatic to report that HEART has helped my son to solve social problems appropriately. He is completing his homework and excited about school. His behavioral issues during school has decreased significantly.

    Thank you ProYouth and the HEART Program!

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